In this section, the issues involved in the process of building the drone are registered.


This is one of the most popular issues when this type of device it is intended to be built. The motors generate a lot of vibration that affects the inertial measurement unit, regarding the gyroscope and the accelerometer. These two devices in this case are very important because they provide information about the attitude of the drone, and depending on this information the main controller acts on the motors. So, it seems that the vibration levels have to be as minimum as possible to get more accuracy.

In the next pages, a lot of interesting information about vibration can be found:

One way to try to reduce vibration is to isolate and damp the IMU from the source of vibration. In this case several mechanisms were checked and the last version is shown in the next picture:IMAG0186

The damping system includes silent blocks, springs, rubber mounts and o-rings.

Even with all this, the results are not as good as expected.

A second way, it is to try with other devices that have more vibration resistance. This approach has not been checked yet, but it seems that the devices used are not the best at resisting vibration.


The drones make a lot of noise, so it is important for the development to be in a place where this noise does not disturb anybody and if it is possible eliminated.


The propellers with the engines working can be very dangerous, so be careful and take that into account.





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