Building a drone



Prototype of the DIT-100

This web site is intend to show the process of building a drone or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) called DIT-100. This drone is going to be a quad-rotor with an X frame. The quad-rotor is going to be controlled initially with a Raspberry Pi.

The aim of this project is as follows:

  1. To learn how to build this type of drones.
  2. To understand the fundamentals around this technology.
  3. To be able to design a product ready to fly with an autonomous control.

And this web site is pretend to be where to keep the documentation and the notes about the development.

The web page is structured as follows:

  1. General design section: here is showed the design of the drone in a general way including a diagram of how the components are connected.
  2. Components section: here are described the parts of the drone.
  3. Controller section: here is described the controller of the drone. The objective of the controller is to provide the correct power to the motors depending on the commands that receives, the state of the drone and its attitude. Also this controller provides telemetry to the ground station.
  4. Issues section: here are included all the issues found over the process of building the drone.
  5. Techniques section: here is described all the bits and pieces about the techniques that will be used to reach the object of control of the drone.
  6. Contact section: here is where my contact information can be found.

Videos showing the progress: